Each year McHacks is proud to welcome a diverse group of students from across North America for a jam-packed weekend of hacking. For 24 hours, over 500 of the best and brightest students will gather on McGill's downtown campus, to create innovative and unique hacker projects. Whether you're writing your first line of code, playing around with APIs, or working to build your first start-up, McHacks is the place for you.

McHacks 11 offers beginner-to-pro workshops, mentorship, as well as delicious meals and a place to sleep. We hope you’ll join us this winter for an exciting eleventh edition of Canada’s first and favourite hacker project launch pad!


Main Requirements

McHacks 11 is a non-themed hackathon. You are free to build any project you desire. You must create a Dev Post for your project prior to the end of the hacking period. Each project is automatically entered for the Top 3 Hacks prize.

Additional requirements

  • You must include videos, photos, or screenshots of your working product.

  • You must include a link to your source code (GitHub, etc.).

  • If you would like to enter any other prizes that are not the Top 3 Hacks, you must tag the prize name(s).

  • All teams must submit their check-in forms at the designated times.

  • All projects must be submitted before the end of the hacking period.

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$CAD16,075 in prizes

Top 3 Hacks (3)

The mega insane hacks you wish you thought of first.
The team in first place gets a $1500 total cash prize and 4x 1 year of NordVPN, NordPass and Incogni. Each team member in second place gets an MSI PRO MP251 24.5" monitor.
Each team member in third place gets an Anker Soundcore Boost Bluetooth speaker.
All teams will receive an MLH winner pin for each member.

Leverage technology to build a more environmentally and socially sustainable future (TELUS)

At TELUS, we strive to challenge ourselves and those around us to seek innovative ways to drive positive change - from building stronger communities and helping those who need it most to ensuring equal access to technology and driving innovations in healthcare and sustainability.

In this challenge, we’re looking to leverage technology innovation to help us build stronger communities.

Some project topics could include:

- Improving accessibility to basic human needs

- Healthcare, agriculture, food, shelter, clothing, safety, education, employment

- Support resources for individuals and community groups facing social issues

- Gender inequality, racial inequality, poverty, mental health

- Social engagement and connection

- Helping students to get back to in-person activities

- Helping seniors to become more involved in community activities

- Helping local businesses recover from the pandemic

The winning team will be awarded a $150 Amazon gift card per participant

DevSecOps Challenge (CSE)

From development and testing to deployment and monitoring, implementing DevSecOps best practices lets you deliver better code, faster. Using new or existing application code, demonstrate a complete CI/CD pipeline that builds and deploys an application while incorporating tools and best practices such as: GitHub, pre-commit / pre-push hooks, branch protection rules, automated security and secret scanning (e.g. GitHub Advanced Security, Dependabot), Automated static or dynamic security tests, Automated test suites with code coverage reports, Pipeline secret management, Anything that improves the security, velocity, or reliability of the software process

The winning team will be awarded with 50$ Amazon gift cards

Best Use of Starknet

Starknet is redefining the very notion of Web3 by tackling one of the most intimidating technical challenges in the industry - scaling a blockchain while maintaining its security and decentralization.

Starknet was the first general purpose ZK-Rollup service on Ethereum in Feb. 2022, and has proved its potential to be a market leader. Essentially, it increases the processing speed, while reducing the cost of operating on the Ethereum blockchain.

As a result, we are seeing a variety of “traditional” tech businesses - payments / social media / AI / online gaming - now being integrated with blockchains using our technology.

Moreover, the Starknet community is a growing pool of global talent - from feisty college students to some of the most illustrious PhDs in the world.

Wanna be a part of this growing community? Let’s get you started!

Best Domain Name from GoDaddy Registry

GoDaddy Registry is giving you everything you need to be the best hacker no matter where you are. Register your domain name with GoDaddy Registry for a chance to win a Hack from Home Kit! Each Kit contains wireless earbuds, blue light glasses, selfie ring light and a pouch for easy transport.

Best hardware project (Hackster.io)

Create the best hardware related project

The winning team will be awarded Hackster.io kits

Best Use of Flow

Flow is a public, decentralized, layer-one blockchain designed for creating limitless Web3 apps for mainstream adoption. Flow empowers hackers like you to build decentralized applications and share them with the world. Write safe and readable smart contracts with Cadence and explore the potential of composable, on-chain logic. With SDKs in multiple languages like Javascript, Go, Kotlin, Python, Swift, Unity, you can jump in and start your hack using Flow this weekend for a chance to win $200 USD worth of FLOW token for each member of your team!

Best Use of Kintone

Still not sure what backend to use in your hack? Kintone is a low-code web database that lets you set up your backend in minutes. It's beginner friendly, allowing you to customize your Kintone app using nothing but JavaScript and HTML. If you're interested in IoT, your team can snag a FREE microcontroller by signing up for Kintone and visiting the MLH table. If you use Kintone in your hackathon project, you'll have a chance to win a breadboard IoT kit to power up the hardware hacking for each member of your team!

Best AI Application Built with Cloudflare

Cloudflare is one of the world’s largest networks enabling hackers like you to build, deploy, and deliver trusted applications, no matter where you are! With Cloudflare, you’ll have all the building blocks to create a full-stack application; from C3 instance deployment to object storage. You can even run machine learning models in the cloud and leverage your AI functionality via API requests using Cloudlfare’s Workers AI! Enjoy Cloudflare’s generous free tier to get started at no cost! This weekend, we want you to build an AI Application utilizing Cloudflare’s numerous services for a chance to win Arduino Student Kits for you and your team!

Achievement Unlocked

The hack that shows what it is like to be a true gamer at heart <3 Adventurous, silly or whatever it may be, this prize is for the most fun and creative game dev hack.

Best Newbie Hack

Every seasoned hacker was once a newbie and we love seeing what the freshest talent on the block has to offer! This hack was made by a first-time hackathon team (at least half of the team must be first-time hackers)

Best Design

Got an eye for design? The winner for this prize knows the difference between ugly and pretty and will be awarded with the title of most aesthetic hack.

Quintessential Startup

Gross profit this, net profit that. Business talk here, buzzwords there. This hack has the most potential to be a start-up. And who knows, maybe we'll see you on Shark Tank one day.

Chaotic Evil

We hate how much we love this hack. Maybe it'll make the world a worse place or create solutions for problems we didn't know existed. Regardless, this is the best hack in the worst of ways.

Forward Thinking

You've definitely been to a protest or two. Or maybe your biggest passion is saving the world. This prize is for the hack that is the most progressive.

Best Useless Hack

You love building programs as practical as those in your intro level comp sci assignments. This hack has the least amount of potential in any practical application, but that's totally cool! We love it anyways.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Sponsor Judges

Sponsor Judges

Industry Mentors

Industry Mentors

Graduate students

Graduate students

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity and Originality
    Is this hack something new? Is it a creative use of technology? Is it a novel idea?
  • Technical Complexity
    Which technologies did you use? How technically challenging is it? Which part of the project did you make? (Non-API)
  • Enjoyment and Polish
    Is the hack fun to use? Is the interface polished? Is the user experience fun to use?
  • Practicality and Usefulness
    Is the hack useful? Does it raise social awareness or promote environmental sustainability?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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